Monthly Moods


The Green Road by Anne Enright – an amazing and surprising novel covering the lives of 5 Irish family members who are spread out across the globe (like most Irish families, right?) and all have a different story to tell. This book is a home away from home for all of us immigrants.

These amazing yet SO VERY impractical shoes from Zara (could work as a floor dusters).

Sofar secret gigs in secret locations. Bring your pillow and your alcohol and sway the night away. I saw three great and very different performers (all male, too, swoon) and it was worth the very little money they ask you to pay.

Fleabag on BBC has been such a good watch. Unapologetically real, so funny but cuts deep.

This one pot recipe is ideal for someone who, like me, doesn’t like washing up. Kind of like risotto but way easier.

The perfect American diner to beat the hour long queues of The Breakfast Club (they do a great hair of the dog Irish Coffee too).

Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) is heart warming, informative and essential for creatives.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks for those of who like to do our make in 10 seconds because we’ve spent too much time on Insta. They seem to do every colour under the sun so it’s to use as a quick concealer or actual foundation by building it up.